The Lantern Way Orphanage

Located in Middle DuraTumbledown

The orphanage rests on the corner of Lantern Way and Lava Avenue, its charcoal coloured stones held together with mold-encrusted mortar. The windows on both stories are tightly shuttered, but a few slivers of light manage to escape from within.. Laterns hang on either side of the oaken front door, mounted to which is a green copper knocker shaped like a smiling gargoyle’s visage, its nostrils pierced by a copper ring.

The ground floor of the orphanage is dimly lit and contains a main hall (with a staircase leading to the second floor), a kitchen with stairs leading down to a cellar pantry, a dining hall, a playroom for the children, a schoolroom, a small bathroom, and staff quarters. The second floor is divided into three rooms: a spacious bathroom with two large tubs and two large bedrooms filled with cots. One of the bedrooms currently holds 19 girls the other room holds 31 boys.

Gretchyn Tashykk, an elderly halfling, is the matron of the Lantern Way Orphanage

The Lantern Way Orphanage

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