The Bazaar

District Type: Marketplace and shops

Buildings: Open-air market, temple (Sovereign Host), shrines (the Keeper, Kol Korran), average lodging (24), average food (85), exotic trades (30), upscale trades (60), average trades (300), poor trades (110), upscale services (20), average services (100), poor services (40)

First Impression: The crowd and noise of this district are overwhelming. In addition to the shops and stalls, the streets are full of people offering questionable goods and deals; it seems like everyone has something to sell. The Watch maintains a strong presence in the Bazaar, but they are more concerned with preventing riots than in stopping trade of illegal goods.

Social Class: Lower class

The busiest district in Sharn, the marketplace is filled with people from all walks of life, buying, selling, haggling, arguing, browsing, and otherwise passing the day in commerce. Some marketplaces are open-air bazaars, their shops little more than wooden stands. Others consist of rows of buildings whose storefronts display various wares. Many market districts contain both sorts of places. People are clothed in a riot of colors and styles, and the air smells of cooking food, perfume, ripening fruits, sweat, and animal dung. The din of voices cannot entirely drown out the calls and tunes of street performers hoping to earn a few coppers by entertaining passersby.

Location of note: Indenture Hall, Vundry’s

The Bazaar

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