District Type: Apartment townhomes

Buildings: Average residences (40), poor residences (220), upscale trades (2), average trades (3), poor trades (5)

First Impression: Over the course of centuries, old fortressesand garrison halls have been converted into apartment buildings and shelters for the poor.

Social Class: Lower class

Once, Sharn’s City Watch operated out of a great set of towers and buildings known as the Keep, located in Lower Dura. When the City Watch spread out to Daggerwatch and the new garrisons springing up in other, higher-level districts, a number of land barons bought up the old property and converted it into housing. Now the place is called Oldkeep, in memory of its more glorious occupants.

Most of the residents of Oldkeep work in Precarious, the Stores, or in Middle Dura.


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