Lyrander Tower

Because of its airship docking tower, Sharn is also known as the gateway to Xen’drik. Built on the Central Plateau, Lyrandar Tower is one of the tallest structures in the city. It measures 2,000 feet in diameter at the bottom and 650 feet in diameter at the top.

The top floor of the tower houses the airship docking port—one of the busiest centers of activity in Sharn. The tower is the first sight that most visitors see upon arriving in the city, and it is often the only place visited by people here on business or just passing through. Lyrandar Tower offers a wide array of services to the travelers who pass through it. Just about any product the city has to offer is also available here, though at prices ten to fifteen percent higher than elsewhere in the city. But most travelers are willing to spend the extra money for the convenience of having everything they need so handy.

The actual docking port is on the top level of the tower. The levels just beneath it house guilds and organizations that offer a variety of services for hire. Wealthy individuals can book skycoaches, hire mercenary companies to protect their airships on particularly dangerous journeys, or retain bodyguards for travel aboard an airship as well as protection within the city. On the middle levels, travelers can rent lodgings for any length of time. The available rooms range from large and extravagant to barely large enough for a bed. The hostels are owned by several dragonmarked houses, which compete to draw travelers to their establishments. Normally, all that differentiates one house’s inn from another is the service provided by its staff. Most of the tower’s upper-scale lounges are also located in this portion of the tower.

Virtually every form of entertainment is available in the tower’s lower levels. Visitors in search of a good time can visit the theater, socialize in any of several lively lounges, seek out an establishment that specializes in providing companionship, or win or lose a fortune in the games of chance offered at the casinos. Many people who live on the Central Plateau object to the types of businesses found here, but since the city’s ruling houses often have vested interests in the commerce conducted in the tower’s lower portions, such complaints rarely bring action.

Lyrander Tower

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