Khyber's Gate

District Type: Undercity

Buildings: poor lodging (20), poor food (40). average trades (20), poor trades (60), average services (20). poor services (80), poor residences (420)

First Impression: This is an actual city beneath the city. with homes and shops carved into the walls of the Cogs. It is still a maze of passages. but the streets are a little wider and the ceilings rise higher. The heat is far less intense that in the industrial district, but the air is still filled with the stench of smoke and garbage. Goblins watch from the shadows, and in the distance two ogres stagger out of a bar.

Social Class: Lower class

Khyber’s Gate covers the distance between Ashblack and Blackbones. Due to the lack of lava streams, it does not have any of the heavy industry found to the east or west. For the most part. Khyber’s Gate is a tenement district, filled with tiny houses carved into the tunnel walls.

Shamukaar – Local Tavern

Khyber's Gate

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