House Rules

These rules are in “Beta” – I’m still thinking about these and working on them. They may change.

House Rule #1: Called Shots/Dirty Tricks

    A character wants to blind, unbalance, etc another character.
    Information about what can be attempted is listed under the Dirty Tricks rules
    1. Character decides on a particular debuff
    2. Character spends a Bennie to do it (all Bennie costs paid up front)
      • Two extra bennies for one round of blinding
      • One extra bennies for one round of bleeding
      • One extra bennie to knock prone
      • Two extra bennies for one round of stun
      • Shaken/Sickened for 1 round, no extra
    3. Character makes a combat maneuver check .
    4. On a successful check, the status is applied to the opponent
    5. The person who performed the action provokes an attack of opportunity, but this can be avoided with a bennie
    If the character has the feat “Combat Expertise” then the the bennie cost for effects is not needed. A further Bennie can be used to avoid the Attack of Opportunity. See Dirty Tricks for more information.

House Rule #2: Bennies

    Players get poker chips to allow them to perform special actions.
    See Hero Points

    Bennies are similar to the Hero Point optional rules. Players start the session with 5 Bennies. A bonus bennie is awarded if the player has a portrait and a background listed.

    You can spend 1 Bennie either to add to a single d20 roll, increase damage, to take a special action, or to improve the use of a feat.

    See the Hero Points Rules for information about how else Bennies can be used.

    Hero points may also be used for the following:

    Narrative Input

    At GM’s Discretion a Player may spend one or more Bennies to adjust a situation, e.g. “I grab a sword that happens to be nearby.” “I pull a minor item I’ve never declared from my pocket”.

    Add to a Roll

    Previously we used a d6 mechanic, this has been supersceded by that Hero Points version.

    Add to a Damage

    You can spend 1 bennie to add a d6 to a damage roll.

House Rules

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