District Type: Dwarf neighborhood

Buildings: Temple, average lodging (10), upscale food (5), average food (40), poor food (10), exotic trades (10), upscale trades (24), average trades (60), poor trades (25), upscale services (10), average services (40), poor services (20), upscale residences (20), average residences (180)

First Impression: The architecture is sturdy, functional stone, though the scale is slightly too small for most humans. While there is luxury to be found here, the citizens of Holdfast put work before play.

Social Class: Middle class

When House Kundarak first established itself in Sharn, the dwarf immigrants who came with the house sought to make their mark on the city. While dwarf engineers had played a significant role in the construction of Sharn, the city was designed for humans. Holdfast is the first district to be built by dwarves for dwarves, and their touch is evident throughout the district. While the dwarves appreciate luxury and comfort, they are also concerned with defense and durability, and the buildings of Holdfast are among of the strongest and most defensible in the city.

Dwarves make up the majority of the population in Holdfast—both recent immigrants from the Mror Holds and those whose families have lived in Sharn for generations. The inns and taverns serve strong Mror ale and stonebreaker mead, and most of the buildings and furnishings are built to dwarven proportions. Beyond the dwarves, there are a considerable number of gnomes in the district, reflecting the strong economic ties between House Sivis and House Kundarak.

Businesses in Holdfast include a branch of the Kundarak Bank and a Sivis message station. There are also restaurants serving Mror food (an acquired taste for most humans) and a variety of other crafters, including master masons, architects, and armorers. Many of the inhabitants work for one of the branches of the Kundarak Bank, while others work in the Cog foundries but have positions allowing them to afford to live above the surface.


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