District Type: Red light district

Buildings: Temple (Quadra), shrine (the Traveler), upscale lodging (Velvet’s) (I), average lodging (9), poor lodging (70), average food (20), poor food (80), poor trades (80), poor services (especially brothels, gambling halls, and pawnshops) (140). poor residences (100)

First Impression: This district varies dramatically from street to Street, blending loud, lowbrow entertainment with more sophisticated and sensual pleasures for wealthier visitors.

Social Class: Lower class

Like the changelings who control most of the brothels. Dragoneyes shifts its appearance to suit the needs of the moment. Where it caters to teamsters and Cogs workers, Dragoneyes is a rough-and-tumble neighborhood filled with rowdy taverns and gambling halls. But the west side of the district is designed with merchants and the wealthy in mind, and the delights it offers are more sophisticated.


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