Coldflame Keep

Coldflame Keep is the Church of the Silver Flame location in NorthedgeHigh Hope.

Mazin Tana is cleric in the church. Mazin has close cropped grey hair and wears the traditional vestments of the Silver Flame. He has brown eyes.

  • Sarcem Dlasharn (the acting head) is on an extended visit to Wroat, the Capital of Breland. He usually handles the day to day operations of the Church.

While it looks more like a fortress than a place of worship, Coldflame Keep is the local church devoted to the Silver Flame. Establish during the Purge as a garrison of the church templars, Coldflame Keep has slowly dwindled as the heirophants have drawn resources away to the temples of Sovereign Towers and Pinnacle. Today the keep is a shadow of its former self. Flamebearer Mazin Tana does his best to maintain the temple and serve the community. His acolytes consist of two teenagers and one crippled scribe. The garrison was built to house 100 soldiers, but currently there are only eight templars in residence.

Coldflame Keep

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