Population: 8,800
Social Class: Lower Class
Character: Seedy waterfront district
Districts: Red light district, shantytown, waterfront district (2)
Businesses: Businesses catering to transients, such as waterfront taverns, bordellos, flophouses shipfitters, sailmakers, and so on;
Watch Detail: See Dura

Cliffside is a neighborhood perched precariously on the side of the cliffs above the Dagger River and Sharn’s waterfront. It includes the waterfront businesses far below Dura, as well as towers built up from the cliff face and a shantytown of caves dug into the sides of the southern cliffs overlooking the Hilt. The businesses of Cliffside are either directly related to shipping or cater to boat crews, adventurers, and other transients.

The Cliffside ward makes up the lower edge of Dura, built on and into the cliffs that drop toward the river. This waterfront district, full of businesses that cater to the sailors who pass through Sharn’s port, can be a rough and tumble place. Legitimate services can be found here – ships need supplies and repairs, goods need to be stored, captains need a place to hire a crew, and sailors need a bed on dry land to sleep in once in a while – but other businesses spring up simply to meet demand.

The smell of sea salt and fish clings to everyone in the Docks. Sand and grit cover everything. Even the streets are often nothing but hard-packed sand. The wooden buildings, stained with salt and grime, stand at odd angles from one another because each one is sinking slowly into the sand. The district boasts no new buildings—there hasn’t been available land to build on in over a century.


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