District Type: Inn district

Buildings: Temples (Olladra, the Traveler), average lodging (35), poor lodging (100), average food (5), poor food (40), upscale trades (2), average trades (35), poor trades (70), upscale services (2), average services (30), poor services (70)

First Impression: The inns and taverns in this district are dark and grimy. Vermin run like water through the streets on a stormy day, including rats that scurry into shadows and foul men and women who study you with avaricious eyes.

Social Class: Lower class

When Sharn first rose from the ruins of Shaarat, Callestan was the center for trade and commerce. Today, it serves as a center for illegal trade and activity. The people who come to stay in the inns of Callestan sacrifice comfort to avoid the watchful eyes of the law, and many crooked deals are arranged in these dark taverns.


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