Broken Arch

District Type: Average residential

Buildings: Upscale residences (40), average residences (280), poor residences (40)

First Impression: Rows of stone houses circle the central towers of this district. The stone is worn and cracks are beginning to show. The streets are surprisingly quiet and empty. The people view strangers with suspicion and fear, and hurry toward their destinations.

Social Class: Middle class

Early in the history of Sharn, Barchan’s Arch was one of the finest residential districts in the city. Barchan ir’Tyran, a powerful nobleman, along with Hestian ir’Tain, helped shape the City of Towers. Then, during the reign of King Galifar the Dark, the ir’Tyran family attempted to seize the throne of the kingdom. Those ir’Tyrans who survived were stripped of their noble rank and banished from Galifar. Since then, Barchan’s Arch has been shunned by the powerful families of Sharn, and it has fallen into disrepair; two hundred years ago, people began calling it “Broken Arch,” and the name stuck.

Broken Arch

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