Black Arch

District Type: Garrison

Buildings: Garrison building, temple (Silver Blade), average lodging (20), poor lodging (4), upscale food (8), average food (15), poor food (15), upscale trades (15), average trades (33), poor trades (28), average services (40). average residences (160). poor residences (40)

First Impression: This district was designed to withstand a full siege. Every bridge to the outer realms has a guard post and a heavy poricullis that can be lowered at a moment’s notice. The walls are unusually thick stone, and arrow slits and murder holes can he seen in every wall. A massive tower of black stone dominates the center of the district—the garrison of The Sharn Watch, and the city’s first line of defense against outside attack.

Social Class: Middle class

Black Arch is a dark, foreboding district. Without the use of magic or flight, all traffic to the higher wards must pass through Black Arch, and the district has been built to hold off an invading army. Fortified spires and guard posts are everywhere and each of the major entrances has a heavy poricullis enchanted with arcane lock.

Black Arch

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