Sharn: The Cauldron

Episode 4

Episode 4 Wrap-up

The trio decides to investigate Phon’s home. They travel to the block where she lives and investigate. During the search, they are interrupted by the town guard who received a report from a neighbor of intruders. Talyn easily convinces the guards that they are good guys and the guards assist. Rexton questions the neighbor who summoned the guard but gets no information. After examining Phon’s room, Kal concludes that there were at least 2 attackers who kidnapped Phon. Talyn investigates the outside of the building and determines the most likely path where Phon was taken, even finding a scrap of her clothing. The party questions another neighbor (an elf) who informs them that he heard a noise, but didn’t see anyone.

The trio decides to return to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame to further question Flamebearer Fabitor. At the party’s request, the Archierophant Y’Thana Morr sends a courier to find Flamebearer Fabitor and have him return. The party sends a scribe to Morgrave University to research the symbol on Phon’s body. Finally, Rexton sends a courier to Coldflame Keep to get his equipment.

The courier sent to Coldflame Keep returns with the equipment and informs Rexton that Flamebearer Mazin Tana has important news for him. Rexton leaves Kal to wait for Flamebearer Fabitor and returns to Coldflame Keep. There, Flamebearer Mazin Tana informs him that Phon was pregnant. The fetus didn’t appear to be human, having minimal facial features and a symbol similar to the one Phon had, only larger.

Talyn asks questions around the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame about the Archierophant Y’Thana Morr and Flamebearer Fabitor. He finds out that she tended to focus on tending the congregation rather than on business which Flamebearer Fabitor was primarily involved in.

Rexton makes a copy of the symbol and heads directly to Morgrave University Library. There, he meets the Chief Librarian of Morgrave University who appears to be an orangutan.

The Librarian leads him to the other scribe sent to research Phon’s mark. Rexton sends the scribe back to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame with an update of information. The researcher who was looking for information on Phon’s mark reveals the following information:

    Phon’s mark appears to be a “lesser” or “least” abbberant Dragonmark . Within the Dragonmark houses , only a small percentage of every generation manifest dragonmarks , which are marks on the body that grant abilities to those born with them. Aberrant dragonmarks are deviations from normal marks and are not recognized by the dragonmarked houses. The aberrant lords of the War of the Mark wielded terrible powers. Madness, flame, and plague were the least of their weapons. These tales inspired the superstitions that haunt the bearers of aberrant dragonmarks to this day. But in the centuries since the War of the Mark, no aberrant dragonmark has ever bestowed the sort of powers seen in the past.

Rexton returns to the Cathedral at the same time Flamebearer Fabitor arrives. The group questions Flamebearer Fabitor about stealing money and he confesses. However, he maintains that he didn’t really know Phon.

Talyn observes to the general group, “You found out about her and had to do something about it.” The entire group in the room gives him a quizzical look.

The party decides to hold Fabitor to be brought to Wroat (the capital of Breland) for trial. They further decide to watch the Cathedral for the next few days to see if someone impersonating Flamebearer Fabitor arrives.

Episode 5

This post isn’t up to my usual standards – I apologize and will try to take better notes. As always, if I’ve forgotten something, let me know.

Our trio continues to take turns watching the Cathedral waiting for someone who resembles Flamebearer Fabitor to appear. Rexton watches at night, Talen in the morning, and Kal in the evening.

While the party waits and watches, Talen gets ingredients for Tea Cakes – he makes tea cakes and returns. He makes notes of routines of people walking in and out of the Cathedral (gets idea of who works there and regular visitors – watching for irregularities) he notes nothing.

On the way to his shift, Rexton speaks with Flamebearer Mazin Tana who informs him that Gretchen, the head of the Lantern Way Orphanage wanted to extend thanks and had something she wanted to talk to them about. He didn’t know the exact details.

Meanwhile, Kal takes a sky coach to the graveyard , where he lives, and back to verify there are no problems there.

Talen casts “change self” and with a copy of the Silver Flame holy book, sits in the Cathedral disguised as a supplicant. He looks like a pudgy and short haired “magewrite.” Afterward, he returns to Coldflame Keep and asks Flamebearer Mazin Tana about hiring an Inquisitive. Flamebearer Mazin Tana refers him to a contact that may be able to help. Meanwhile, he asks about the meeting with Gretchen. Rexton never told him about it.

Talen goes down to the cogs to talk to his contact. He enters the tavern Shamukaar in Khyber’s Gate . He is immediately recognized as a member of the group that terrorized a number of the patrons previously.

Talen encounters a half-orc druid named Bah and almost comes to blows with him due to a misunderstanding. Talen diffuses the situation with the patrons and Bah and discusses the situation about Phon and her unborn infant. Talen offers Bah Phon’s scarf and Bah detects the scent of 2 other people. He is very troubled by the observation that an abberations may be involed. Talen hires him.

They head back up, stopping at The Lantern Way Orphanage as Bah is very concerned about the Mind Flayer. Terrem remembers that the party saved him.

Talen asks Gretchen to keep an eye on him and notify them of any information about people meeting with him. She tells him that Terrem was brought back an hour earlier than the rest.

Bah goes to meet with the Gatekeepers to exchange information. They advise him to stay vigilant.

Episode 6

The party gathers around where they maintained vigilance on the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame in Sovereign Towers. Rexton offers to maintain vigilance on the Cathedral after Talen suggests that the rest of the group follows up with Councilman Hruit .

On the way down to Broken Arch, Talen updates Kal on the situation with Terrem at the Lantern Way Orphanage. Councilman Hruit ’s home is a rather large home with beautifully sculpted trees surrounding the outside. The trees and other greenery conceal the walls.

They knock on the door and are greeted by Kadmus, Hruit ’s butler. Despite Talen’s cheery disposition, Kadmus is somewhat bemused at their presence. The party pushes past him and indicates that they are here to speak with Hruit about a job.

Kadmus leads them to Hruit ’s drawing room and asks that they wait. The door opens and the party sees Hruit ’s eyeshine, marking him as a shifter, before the light reveals his face.

Shifterdoodle 1  2

Hruit says, “I understand that you have dealt with Gast of Indenture hall. Gast ’s brother, Linech , is also a small-time gangster. He is a man of little consequence, but more successful than Gast . He has, however, crossed us in the past, and now he’s up to something new. He’s hiring adventurers. He’s never done that before. At the very least, we want to know what he’s doing. We might also want put a stop to it. His actions indicate a sudden influx of resources, when we thought he was already overextended.” Hruit then explains, “ Linech is a drug smuggler. He has a small operation on some island to the north where his people manufacture dreamily. He brings it in on ships. Something bad happened on the island recently, however, and we believed he was finished. Now, it appears otherwise. He is putting out requests in the adventurer quarters, primarily Deathsgate.” Hruit offers them each of them 100 gp to go to Linech and take whatever job he’s offering, so that they can find out what it is and report back. “Do well on this, and you’ll be invited to return.” Hruit says, “First, I want this done – much of the City Watch in this district is only interested in the money in their purses. Second, because I fight my own battles and accomplish my own deeds. I am not having him killed outright as he may have powerful friends and the power vacuum would invite someone who I don’t know. Rest assured, if you run afoul of the city guard , give them my name, and I will bring my power to bear to try to protect you.” Hruit gives them half of the total payment (150 gold) to start the investigation.

The group departs and proceeds down to Deathsgate. They head to a tough a bar called “The Goat.”

The Goat has a sign over the entrance stating “Trespassers will be killed,” with a crude, faded painting of a goat on the stone wall next to it. It’s a small pub known as a quiet place that Deathsgate adventurers and mercenaries go to get drunk quickly. The drinks are hard and moderately priced. There are no minstrels or other entertainments, merely toughs drinking.

Bah looks to find a dreamily dealer and asks him about where he gets his supply from. The dealer indicates that his connection is a man in The Bazaar named “Kahrlohse”. Talen starts asking around and speaks to a monk named “Ember” (offering her sweet rice cakes) about people hiring. Bah asks the bartender the same thing. They are both directed man standing in the corner quietly drinking a stein of ale.

They approach the name, named Belgeon, and start talking to him about employment possibilities and let him know that they were referred to him by Kharlohse. Belgeon tells them to head to Linech ’s place in Center Bridge the next day and provides them with an address.

Episode 7

At this point Bah Mole excuses himself as me must return to The Cogs to deal with some issues that have come up.

Talyn and Kal go and get Rexton. Kal relieves Rexton watching the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame so that Rexton can go and get some rest. Talyn returns to his home, makes a scroll of animate rope, and goes to sleep. The next morning when he awakes he makes mini layer cakes with butter frosting shell to take with him for the day.

Talyn and Rexton relieve Kal and the trio decides at this point that there is no longer a point to watch the Cathedral as the murderer’s trail has gone cold. They proceed down to the Center Bridge District in Lower Menthis Plateau to meet with Linech Cran. They follow the address to Linech’s place which is in a small cul-de-sac.

The door is answered by a mongrelfolk “human” named Seanus. After a few moments of trying to remember the name of the person that sent them (as indicated in Episode 6), Seanus leads them to Linech’s office. On the way up, they pass through a room with a human woman laying on the couch in a narcotic stupor.

Linech Cran’s office is well appointed and the half-orc sits behind a large wooden desk and is smoking a cigar. A woman is sitting on a couch at the other end of the office reading a book. Linech studies each of the trio, sizing them up.

He tells them that a ship of his bring cargo sank out in the deep part of the harbor.

Linech Cran says he wants his daughter’s body returned to him so he can bury her properly. He wants the go down to get the body and uncover any information they can about the sinking. It’s in a sealed glass coffin. They need to bring up the whole coffin to get the full reward. He warns that there might be others interested in the Arrowhead, but he says he only wants his daughter back and doesn’t care about the rest. To help them accomplish the task, Linech will provide them each with a potion of water breathing. He offers to pay them the collective sum of 1,200 gp to recover his daughter’s body and belongings. They can keep whatever other salvage they find. Linech insists that Seanus accompany them (with his own potion of water breathing in case he needs to dive, too). The party agrees to meet Seanus at the Savage Shark mid-afternoon. After asking Linech no other questions, the party leaves.

The party decides to take the task and report back to Hruit with what they found. They decide to return to Hruit’s home separately. On the way back, Kal is attacked by two thugs which he quickly deals with. He grabs up their swords and flees. They meet at Hruit’s.

Hruit listens to the trio (healing Kal’s wound) and tells them that he will double his offer (giving the party another 150 gold), if they will investigate the ship and bring anything suspicious they find back to him. He informs them that the childs name is Linele. He also says that it’s likely that the woman in the stupor was Biesta, Linech’s sister. He also suggests that woman reading was likely Linech’s girlfriend, though he didn’t know a name. He says that, if Linech Cran really does only want his child’s body returned to him, there’s nothing wrong with that. Rexton suggests that the potions of water breathing that Linech Cran is providing may be sabotaged and requests that Hruit provide them with potions. Hruit agrees and writes on a parchment and places his seal on it. He informs them that they can go to Vundry’s in The Bazaar and she will provide them with 3 potions.

The trio leaves Hruit’s and proceeds to The Bazaar, quickly finding Vundry’s shop. Vundry is a gnome and appears to be the only person running the shop. She provides them with the potions that Hruit requested and gladly purchases the cheap swords that Kal sells. The party also purchases a potion of Enlarge Person before leaving.

The party heads down to Grayflood and waits at the Savage Shark. After a little while, Seanus comes in and suggests they get started. The party goes to The Dockmaster’s tower to get information about the Arrowhead and where it sank. The tower has two guards that bar entrance. Upon the party asking about the Arrowhead, one of the guards goes in to talk to The Dockmaster. The guard returns and leads them up.

The grotesquely obese Dockmaster is very irritated that anyone has entered his office, but he provides them with a detailed chart indicating where the Arrowhead sank. A small girl named Secki comes in bringing him food. When the party pays him for his services, he gives Secki two gold and tells her to get food.

The party departs and charters two 12’ rowboats to investigate the area.

Episode 8 & 9

Kal and Talyn hire a boat to go out to the center of the harbour to check out the wreck of the Arrowhead. Seanus agrees to stay in the boat while they drink the potions of waterbreathing and swim down. They quickly find the wreck and must deal with two Sahuagin that attack.

After they have done that, they investigate the wreck to discover it’s been ransacked. They swim underwater and follow the trail of detrius and flotsom to an underwater cave. In the cave they fight a giant crab and uncover a bandolier of potions which Kal determines are healing potions. They continue down the cavern and the water becomes shallower.

Bah Mole finds them and follows them to investigate the cavern. Using Speak with Animals, he talks to a fish and a bat and discovers that there are other entrances into the cavern and that groups of humanoids have been carrying things into the cavern.

They notice some dim torchlight and proceed. Talyn casts predigitation on Bah Mole’s spear causing it to be very reflective and shiney allowing him to use it as a mirror and see inside the cavern.

Meanwhile, Nysra Iradi awakes. She realizes she has been bound with someone behind her. She is unaware of where she is or how she got there. Looking around, she realizes she is in an underground cavern. Nysra wakes up the person behind her who turns out to be an elf named Perry.

Bah Mole sees these two in the reflection but cannot clearly see that they are bound. He steps around the corner and casts entangle on the area. The spell manages to also capture two humans and a Sahuagin on the far end of the cavern. They disarm the humans and Sauhagin. Upon dismissing the entangle, the Sahaugin attempts to escape. Talyn casts daze and stops the Sahaugin. Behind the two humans is a bag with Nysra and Perry’s weapons along with two greatcoats.

The party also notices that the crystal coffin IS there but it is empty.

The humans reveal the following information
  1. Their names are Carleynn and Aravyre
  2. They were purchasing the salvage from the Sahuagin
  3. Their boss, “Castar” told them to “Dispose” of Nysra and Perry because he thought they were “snooping around”.

The Sahuagin regains his senses and starts panicking and worrying about the “Demon girl”. He reveals that he saw her rise out of the coffin holding something in her hand.

The party leaves them tied up, but leaves them means to escape if they promise to say that Nysra and Perry were “drowned”. The two captives tell the party that the stairs lead up into the Mud Caves district.

They track steps from the crystal coffin to another side cave where they find a half-orc (about 3/4 human) named “Linele” who claims to be Linech’s daughter. She has no memory of how she got there but has a vague recollection of flames. Her skin is extremely pale and Bah Mole smells “death” around her.

They discuss how to “safely lead her out”. She asks for some food as she is very hungry but everything they offer her, she spits out in disgust. Talyn and Nysra decide to go ahead and get Linech while the rest of the party leads Linele out.

Taylen explains to Linech what happened to Linele. Linech demands that they show her to him.

The rest of the party gets to the outer parts of the Mud Caves shanty town and realize that due to the sunlight, Linele cannot proceed out. Bah Mole fakes and injury to buy time.

Talyn , Nysra, Linech , and Abbercombe return to the mud caves. Linech is horrified, and reveals that his daughter had been killed by his enemies. Linele “vamps out” and attacks him. The party fights and Talyn and Nysra entangle Linele and tie the other end to Linech’s cab. Linech runs to the cab. Talyn , Nysra , and Linech order the cab to leave – pulling Linele into the sunlight. She burns up immediately.

Before leaving, Abbercombe points out a gold fob watch that Linele dropped.

The party realizes that the watch is incredibly magical and very evil. They bring the watch to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame for Archierophant Y’Thana Morr to deal with. Perry realizes that she is the clergy he is to report to. She advises him to return the next day for his “briefing”.

The party visits Linech and he rewards them with the remaining gold he owed them. They tell him about the fob watch they found.

The party then decides to report back to Hruit so that he is aware of the situation.

Episode 10

Bah Mole and Talyn Nichec need to take care of some errands and do not participate in this episode’s events.

The party visits Councilman Hruit. Before Hruit enters the room, Perry casts sift to see if there is anything out of the ordinary in the room. He concludes that Hruit is a druid of some type who is respected by the businessmen in The Bazaar. Hruit asks about the nature of the mission Linech Cran sent them on. He is suprised about the reason for the party being hired, but pays the party the remaining 150 gold for finding out what his enemy was up to. After speaking with him, it becomes clear that Hruit is hiding something.

The party returns to Coldflame Keep and speaks with Flamebearer Mazin Tana. Mazin agrees to provide Perry with a room in the keep. Mazin advises the party that he has heard rumours of violent crime in Lower Tavick’s Landing and advises them to check it out.

Iyana ir'Talan On the way down, they stop for lunch in Middle Tavick’s Landing and ask the waitress for information. She tells them that there are grusome murders occurring, no one wants to go out at night, vagrants are targeted, Ratmen are about, and the murders started in the past week. The party thanks her and give her a handsome tip. Perry purchases a bottle of cheap wine.

The party visits the Black Arch district to speak to the garrison Commander Iyana ir’Talan. Kal’ Torak shows the seal of Hruit from the paperwork they’d previously been given to bluff the way in. Iyana is helpful when she finds out that they want to deal with the murders. She provides the party with the following information (with the help of sketches of crime scenes):

  1. Murders started about week ago.
  2. The modus operandi is that people are hung upsidedown and there throats are slashed.
  3. Two city guards have been killed.
  4. The majority of the crimes have occurred in the High Walls refugee district.
  5. If people stay in small groups they tend to not be targeted.
  6. There have been many “Ratmen” sightings.
  7. There has been an increase in graffitti in the area.
The party examines the sketches and Kal notes two interesting details:
  1. The slit throats are familiar somehow – with unusual tearing on one side followed by the expected slash
  2. The grafitti “Agotha is dead! Long live Agotha!”

He stops and thinks (making a very difficult INT check) and remembers…..

Agotha Broska

Agotha Broska is an Elven Vampire. She brutally murdered a vagrant near the Lantern Way Orphanage and used a similar method to try to cover her tracks. However, many details are missing as these events occurred during the time of his memory loss.

Perry suggests that he use the bottle of wine that he purchased to masquerade as a drunkard and become a target.

The party sets out and discovers Ratmen in the middle of another attack. They attack the Ratmen and manage to take all three prisoner. The person upside down is THIS UNNAMED PERSON !

Episode 11

The unnamed person is a Teifling Monk named Druce Tourloch. They take the rats back to the garrison and start to question them. The party quickly realizes that the rats, even when they are willing to talk are completely unable to talk about Agotha or what they are doing. The group calls Mazin who comes down and quickly realizes that they are subject to a domination spell. He casts “Protection from Evil” allowing them to speak on the subject of Agotha.

The rats were ordered, by Agotha, to find individuals, capture them and mark them with a scent that she can track. The group decides to use this to their advantage and set a trap for Agotha. That same evening they head out and hang Nysra upside down, mark her with the scent, and hide.

Shortly, Agotha arrives and realizes that a trap has been set. The party manages to defeat Agotha and Kal severs her head. The remaining rats, no longer dominated, flee.

Zenith Trajectory! Part 1
Adventures in Xen'drik!

From the Journal of Trillian, Catfolk

Ok, so the morning started with a trip to the market for some ingredient for a new potion. When all the sudden a crowed of people rush by screaming and yelling. Looking down the street where everyone was running from I see two large figures coming up the road. All the sudden I see Talyn jump out with guns drawn ready for a fight. I catch a glimpse of Kal running at the creatures and I cast a ward spell on him right before he hits the creatures. Talyn got off a shot that took out one of the creatures and I tried a spell that bounced off. Nyssra and Perry, we’re battling the creature and Kal and Talyn were heavy into the fight when he exploded into tiny bit and peaces. And as usual the city guard show up after the battle is done. We looked around to figure out where the creatures had come from and found they had burst out of a shop where there was some kind of summoning circle, but Kal doesn’t think it is. We ran into to a elf named Rushna that thinks she is a dwarf. Haven’t really figured that out yet but have not the time. One of the town patrons owned a pub where we had a fine meal of crab and tuna and ail. Talyn was enamored by the dwelf Talyn seemed to enjoy everything she did and said. Me I found her to be strange being the only elf I’ve been around is Perry. While at dinner we were approached by a woman that said thank you for saving the town and invited us to the sky world. The next day we spent shopping for formal ware and getting ready for the dinner. All in all we will looked very different all dressed up. I think Kal was enjoying himself and was he all decked out in his tux and top hat with a few adjustments for the horns . We arrived to the Cusp of Dawn in Skyway, here everyone was in fancy dress and milling around till they saw Kal than their mouths just dropped open and stared. We were quickly escorted into a private dinning area and our drink orders were taken. Soon the reason for the gathering became more clear when a dwarf on a wheel chair entered the room. Seems that his son had went on a expedition and he has not been heard from in 10 years. Now he wants us to find him so he can reunite with him. The journey will be taking us into a part of the world that if you go it’s a good chance you won’t come back. So you got it we decide to go. We’re going off of some of the papers and some research that has been done now it is off to the airship for travel. We’ve been on the ship for three days and no land insight right one Kal still won’t go near the edge of the ship. And Talyn seems to think there will be a trouble behind every cloud Perry is being his optimistic self and Trillon keeps up with things on the ship. As for the dwelf she keeps herself busy checking her bows and sharping her arrows. The day did bring some excitement when the ship was attacked by pirates Talyn convinced the captain that he really did want to keep us atop and help with the fight. We webbed the bottom of the pirate ship and set it on fire but a few made it on board where we dispense with them. They lost their captain and the crew surrendered.


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