Nysra Iradi

Tall and thin female air genasi with pale skin and dark blue hair, dressed in leathers


Current stats for Level 3 Rogue:

STR 14, DEX 18, CON 14, INT 16, WIS 10, CHA 14

HP 28

AC 17 (studded leather armor)

Fort save 3 Reflex save 7 Wis save 1

Two Weapon Fighting: rapier and dagger Attack Bonus +4/+4 damage 1d6+2/ 1d4+1 Also has Finesse Rogue talent (= Weapon Finesse)

Rogue stuff: Trapfinding, evasion, sneak attack +2d6

Special Air Genasi stuff: Darkvision 60’, Levitate 2x/day for 5 minutes, 100’ vertical distance max each time, Breathless (not affected by drowning, gases, suffocation)


Nysra did not know her genie father and her mother was, as far as she knows, a woman of low standing. She was determined not to get stuck in the same sort of life her mother had, so she turned to petty thievery to get by.

Last thing she remebers she was hanging out on the roof of a warehouse, watching the passersby for anything “interesting”. Then she woke up, tied up with that elf from the church, in that fish-stinking cave…

Nysra Iradi

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