'Perry' (Periwinkle Bellflower)

A tall pale and dour looking elf dressed in grey and black. The lines on the face show little emotion.


Dark streets and dim taverns are a natural environment to this somber presence. As light falls to accentuate the face, there are no lines of laughter or anger, merely the calm and unflappable presence of a dignified elf.

Clothing is dark and simple, better to blend into gray streets and dark shadows. A wide brimmed hat to cover the features, a long trenchcoat to obscure what he carries, and heavy boots to protect the delicate feet from harsh terrain.

The general aura of ‘go away’ seems to be exuded in general. Despite his own careful scrutiny of everything in his surroundings, there is no easy opening to approach him. An elf who hides from the world. Keeping to the shadows.

Poker Chips: 7


Perry (Officially – Periwinkle Bellflower)

Elves have a reputation for beauty, fun, and freedom that they express in art, song, and joy in life. His rich and well-connected family is well known for their parties, gaiety, and all encompassing love of everything. Perry, however, never fit in.

Bright colors, parties, and carefree life just made him run from his homelands as quickly as he was able. Don’t get him wrong, he appreciates the virtues of kindness, honesty, generosity, and laughter, but overloaded on them decades back. The church of the Silver Flame seemed a finer, more intellectual, more realistic approach to building a world for a better future where everyone, and not just elves, could have long, rich and fulfilling lives.

Working with shorter-lived races has proven to have its own difficulties. He is all but certain his superiors in Sharn have it in for him. Whether it is jealousy of his family connections (despite his attempts to hide from them!), successful record (Pure chance he stumbled on that posessed clergy!), female admirers (He swears he will never write poetry again!), or other reasons is a mystery. Now he has been given the latest dirty job to fulfill, tracking down some demon that was sighted in the city and to deal with it as necessary. Yeah.. vague orders.. just to be sure he can’t win this time.

Despite an inability to express humor, he is still loyal to the ideals of good and justice. Now if only he can get a transfer to somewhere a bit further away from his family. He just received a lilac envelope addressed to ‘Darling Periwinkle’ smelling of strawberries. A sure sign someone in the family has found him again!

'Perry' (Periwinkle Bellflower)

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