Bah Mole

Bah Mole, is a half orc Druid of the Gate Keepers Sect.


Bah Mole it 6’2 and stocky, typical of his ilk. Long coarse black hair flows off his head well kept and clean, his skin has a grey pallor with a hint of green.

He tends to wear flowing loose fitting clothing over leather armor. Other than a few small bags he travels light. When armed he relies on a spear to keep oppenets at bay, and a dagger as back up.


Bah Mole arrved at sharn at the age of 6 with his parents, Greet Mole and Maggy Orghal, in an effort to escape the hardships of war. His father became a sailor to support his family, but vanished on his first voyage. His mother unable to adjust to sharn life without her mate turned to dream lilly and quickly fell into debt.

Bah Mole was left with the Gate Keeper sect located in sharn. That was the last he saw of his mother. The keepers, at first, thought of placing the boy in the care of the city, but one of the druids saw something in Bah and took him in. Years druidic training taught Bah of the natural world, but city life made him realise that people need tending and nurturing just as much as plants and animals. So he spends had days tending to the down trodden, while keeping and ear open for information that would be useful to his sect.

Bah Mole

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