Sharn: The Cauldron

Zenith Trajectory! Part 1

Adventures in Xen'drik!

From the Journal of Trillian, Catfolk

Ok, so the morning started with a trip to the market for some ingredient for a new potion. When all the sudden a crowed of people rush by screaming and yelling. Looking down the street where everyone was running from I see two large figures coming up the road. All the sudden I see Talyn jump out with guns drawn ready for a fight. I catch a glimpse of Kal running at the creatures and I cast a ward spell on him right before he hits the creatures. Talyn got off a shot that took out one of the creatures and I tried a spell that bounced off. Nyssra and Perry, we’re battling the creature and Kal and Talyn were heavy into the fight when he exploded into tiny bit and peaces. And as usual the city guard show up after the battle is done. We looked around to figure out where the creatures had come from and found they had burst out of a shop where there was some kind of summoning circle, but Kal doesn’t think it is. We ran into to a elf named Rushna that thinks she is a dwarf. Haven’t really figured that out yet but have not the time. One of the town patrons owned a pub where we had a fine meal of crab and tuna and ail. Talyn was enamored by the dwelf Talyn seemed to enjoy everything she did and said. Me I found her to be strange being the only elf I’ve been around is Perry. While at dinner we were approached by a woman that said thank you for saving the town and invited us to the sky world. The next day we spent shopping for formal ware and getting ready for the dinner. All in all we will looked very different all dressed up. I think Kal was enjoying himself and was he all decked out in his tux and top hat with a few adjustments for the horns . We arrived to the Cusp of Dawn in Skyway, here everyone was in fancy dress and milling around till they saw Kal than their mouths just dropped open and stared. We were quickly escorted into a private dinning area and our drink orders were taken. Soon the reason for the gathering became more clear when a dwarf on a wheel chair entered the room. Seems that his son had went on a expedition and he has not been heard from in 10 years. Now he wants us to find him so he can reunite with him. The journey will be taking us into a part of the world that if you go it’s a good chance you won’t come back. So you got it we decide to go. We’re going off of some of the papers and some research that has been done now it is off to the airship for travel. We’ve been on the ship for three days and no land insight right one Kal still won’t go near the edge of the ship. And Talyn seems to think there will be a trouble behind every cloud Perry is being his optimistic self and Trillon keeps up with things on the ship. As for the dwelf she keeps herself busy checking her bows and sharping her arrows. The day did bring some excitement when the ship was attacked by pirates Talyn convinced the captain that he really did want to keep us atop and help with the fight. We webbed the bottom of the pirate ship and set it on fire but a few made it on board where we dispense with them. They lost their captain and the crew surrendered.


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