Sharn: The Cauldron

Episode 7

At this point Bah Mole excuses himself as me must return to The Cogs to deal with some issues that have come up.

Talyn and Kal go and get Rexton. Kal relieves Rexton watching the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame so that Rexton can go and get some rest. Talyn returns to his home, makes a scroll of animate rope, and goes to sleep. The next morning when he awakes he makes mini layer cakes with butter frosting shell to take with him for the day.

Talyn and Rexton relieve Kal and the trio decides at this point that there is no longer a point to watch the Cathedral as the murderer’s trail has gone cold. They proceed down to the Center Bridge District in Lower Menthis Plateau to meet with Linech Cran. They follow the address to Linech’s place which is in a small cul-de-sac.

The door is answered by a mongrelfolk “human” named Seanus. After a few moments of trying to remember the name of the person that sent them (as indicated in Episode 6), Seanus leads them to Linech’s office. On the way up, they pass through a room with a human woman laying on the couch in a narcotic stupor.

Linech Cran’s office is well appointed and the half-orc sits behind a large wooden desk and is smoking a cigar. A woman is sitting on a couch at the other end of the office reading a book. Linech studies each of the trio, sizing them up.

He tells them that a ship of his bring cargo sank out in the deep part of the harbor.

Linech Cran says he wants his daughter’s body returned to him so he can bury her properly. He wants the go down to get the body and uncover any information they can about the sinking. It’s in a sealed glass coffin. They need to bring up the whole coffin to get the full reward. He warns that there might be others interested in the Arrowhead, but he says he only wants his daughter back and doesn’t care about the rest. To help them accomplish the task, Linech will provide them each with a potion of water breathing. He offers to pay them the collective sum of 1,200 gp to recover his daughter’s body and belongings. They can keep whatever other salvage they find. Linech insists that Seanus accompany them (with his own potion of water breathing in case he needs to dive, too). The party agrees to meet Seanus at the Savage Shark mid-afternoon. After asking Linech no other questions, the party leaves.

The party decides to take the task and report back to Hruit with what they found. They decide to return to Hruit’s home separately. On the way back, Kal is attacked by two thugs which he quickly deals with. He grabs up their swords and flees. They meet at Hruit’s.

Hruit listens to the trio (healing Kal’s wound) and tells them that he will double his offer (giving the party another 150 gold), if they will investigate the ship and bring anything suspicious they find back to him. He informs them that the childs name is Linele. He also says that it’s likely that the woman in the stupor was Biesta, Linech’s sister. He also suggests that woman reading was likely Linech’s girlfriend, though he didn’t know a name. He says that, if Linech Cran really does only want his child’s body returned to him, there’s nothing wrong with that. Rexton suggests that the potions of water breathing that Linech Cran is providing may be sabotaged and requests that Hruit provide them with potions. Hruit agrees and writes on a parchment and places his seal on it. He informs them that they can go to Vundry’s in The Bazaar and she will provide them with 3 potions.

The trio leaves Hruit’s and proceeds to The Bazaar, quickly finding Vundry’s shop. Vundry is a gnome and appears to be the only person running the shop. She provides them with the potions that Hruit requested and gladly purchases the cheap swords that Kal sells. The party also purchases a potion of Enlarge Person before leaving.

The party heads down to Grayflood and waits at the Savage Shark. After a little while, Seanus comes in and suggests they get started. The party goes to The Dockmaster’s tower to get information about the Arrowhead and where it sank. The tower has two guards that bar entrance. Upon the party asking about the Arrowhead, one of the guards goes in to talk to The Dockmaster. The guard returns and leads them up.

The grotesquely obese Dockmaster is very irritated that anyone has entered his office, but he provides them with a detailed chart indicating where the Arrowhead sank. A small girl named Secki comes in bringing him food. When the party pays him for his services, he gives Secki two gold and tells her to get food.

The party departs and charters two 12’ rowboats to investigate the area.


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