Sharn: The Cauldron

Episode 5

This post isn’t up to my usual standards – I apologize and will try to take better notes. As always, if I’ve forgotten something, let me know.

Our trio continues to take turns watching the Cathedral waiting for someone who resembles Flamebearer Fabitor to appear. Rexton watches at night, Talen in the morning, and Kal in the evening.

While the party waits and watches, Talen gets ingredients for Tea Cakes – he makes tea cakes and returns. He makes notes of routines of people walking in and out of the Cathedral (gets idea of who works there and regular visitors – watching for irregularities) he notes nothing.

On the way to his shift, Rexton speaks with Flamebearer Mazin Tana who informs him that Gretchen, the head of the Lantern Way Orphanage wanted to extend thanks and had something she wanted to talk to them about. He didn’t know the exact details.

Meanwhile, Kal takes a sky coach to the graveyard , where he lives, and back to verify there are no problems there.

Talen casts “change self” and with a copy of the Silver Flame holy book, sits in the Cathedral disguised as a supplicant. He looks like a pudgy and short haired “magewrite.” Afterward, he returns to Coldflame Keep and asks Flamebearer Mazin Tana about hiring an Inquisitive. Flamebearer Mazin Tana refers him to a contact that may be able to help. Meanwhile, he asks about the meeting with Gretchen. Rexton never told him about it.

Talen goes down to the cogs to talk to his contact. He enters the tavern Shamukaar in Khyber’s Gate . He is immediately recognized as a member of the group that terrorized a number of the patrons previously.

Talen encounters a half-orc druid named Bah and almost comes to blows with him due to a misunderstanding. Talen diffuses the situation with the patrons and Bah and discusses the situation about Phon and her unborn infant. Talen offers Bah Phon’s scarf and Bah detects the scent of 2 other people. He is very troubled by the observation that an abberations may be involed. Talen hires him.

They head back up, stopping at The Lantern Way Orphanage as Bah is very concerned about the Mind Flayer. Terrem remembers that the party saved him.

Talen asks Gretchen to keep an eye on him and notify them of any information about people meeting with him. She tells him that Terrem was brought back an hour earlier than the rest.

Bah goes to meet with the Gatekeepers to exchange information. They advise him to stay vigilant.


Rexton was thanked by the orphanage matron for returning ALL of the children. I just wanted to point that out. I didn’t see that in the post.

Episode 5

True, she also told y’all that Counselman Hruit who would like to hire them after it came to his attention that they have run afoul of Gast Cran.

Episode 5
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