Sharn: The Cauldron

Episode 4

Episode 4 Wrap-up

The trio decides to investigate Phon’s home. They travel to the block where she lives and investigate. During the search, they are interrupted by the town guard who received a report from a neighbor of intruders. Talyn easily convinces the guards that they are good guys and the guards assist. Rexton questions the neighbor who summoned the guard but gets no information. After examining Phon’s room, Kal concludes that there were at least 2 attackers who kidnapped Phon. Talyn investigates the outside of the building and determines the most likely path where Phon was taken, even finding a scrap of her clothing. The party questions another neighbor (an elf) who informs them that he heard a noise, but didn’t see anyone.

The trio decides to return to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame to further question Flamebearer Fabitor. At the party’s request, the Archierophant Y’Thana Morr sends a courier to find Flamebearer Fabitor and have him return. The party sends a scribe to Morgrave University to research the symbol on Phon’s body. Finally, Rexton sends a courier to Coldflame Keep to get his equipment.

The courier sent to Coldflame Keep returns with the equipment and informs Rexton that Flamebearer Mazin Tana has important news for him. Rexton leaves Kal to wait for Flamebearer Fabitor and returns to Coldflame Keep. There, Flamebearer Mazin Tana informs him that Phon was pregnant. The fetus didn’t appear to be human, having minimal facial features and a symbol similar to the one Phon had, only larger.

Talyn asks questions around the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame about the Archierophant Y’Thana Morr and Flamebearer Fabitor. He finds out that she tended to focus on tending the congregation rather than on business which Flamebearer Fabitor was primarily involved in.

Rexton makes a copy of the symbol and heads directly to Morgrave University Library. There, he meets the Chief Librarian of Morgrave University who appears to be an orangutan.

The Librarian leads him to the other scribe sent to research Phon’s mark. Rexton sends the scribe back to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame with an update of information. The researcher who was looking for information on Phon’s mark reveals the following information:

    Phon’s mark appears to be a “lesser” or “least” abbberant Dragonmark . Within the Dragonmark houses , only a small percentage of every generation manifest dragonmarks , which are marks on the body that grant abilities to those born with them. Aberrant dragonmarks are deviations from normal marks and are not recognized by the dragonmarked houses. The aberrant lords of the War of the Mark wielded terrible powers. Madness, flame, and plague were the least of their weapons. These tales inspired the superstitions that haunt the bearers of aberrant dragonmarks to this day. But in the centuries since the War of the Mark, no aberrant dragonmark has ever bestowed the sort of powers seen in the past.

Rexton returns to the Cathedral at the same time Flamebearer Fabitor arrives. The group questions Flamebearer Fabitor about stealing money and he confesses. However, he maintains that he didn’t really know Phon.

Talyn observes to the general group, “You found out about her and had to do something about it.” The entire group in the room gives him a quizzical look.

The party decides to hold Fabitor to be brought to Wroat (the capital of Breland) for trial. They further decide to watch the Cathedral for the next few days to see if someone impersonating Flamebearer Fabitor arrives.


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