Sharn: The Cauldron

Episode 3

METAGAME: I run the first level of my D&D/Pathfinder games as a pilot and permit total character redefinition on level 2. The changes are as follows:

Kal’Torak is changed from a “Duskblade” to a “Magus” – forthcoming Pathfinder class, still in “beta”. He is much more intimidating.

Rexton is changed from a “Cleric” to an “Inquisitor” from the Pathfinder Advanced Players Handbook. He is less flippant and more direct.

Sequiter has become Taylen. He is a “Manipulator” Wizard from the Pathfinder Advanced Players Handbook with a penchant for being charismatic and baking cookies.


The heroes proceed to the Cathedral to research the murdered girl. Rexton bursts in on a wedding wanting to talk to the high priestess. Flamebearer Fabitor pulls him aside and tries to help him with the information he is looking for. Fabitor doesn’t remember the girl but indicates she is somewhat familiar. Rexton still wants to talk to the high priestess, Archierophant Y’Thana Morr.

Kal runs to a nearby store and purchases a gem encrusted falcon as a wedding gift (from a human seller named Lorre) to try to make up for Rexton’s bluntness. Taylen turns on the charm, apologizes and offers everyone cookies, indicating he was invited by “Bob and Carol”. The wedding proceeds without incident.

After the wedding, Rexton asks Morr about the girl. Archierophant Y’Thana Morr says she doesn’t recall the girl but will ask her acolytes and give him an answer the next day. Taylen asks the bridesmaids about where he can “find a certain store employee who was helpful”. He is directed to “Smithwicks”.

Kal dances with Archierophant Y’Thana Morr while Sequiter is thanked by Bob for showing up.

Later that day, the trio goes to Smithwicks. There they discover that the girls name was “Phon Quartermain”; that she and her friend, Annabell (another clerk) both attended the Cathedral; and that Phon had had a “boyfriend” who’s description matched Fabitor. Taylen buys a very cool hat.

The trio returns to the Cathedral to follow Fabitor that evening. Flamebearer Fabitor leaves the church and they follow him (he apparently doesn’t notice). He goes and has dinner at The Noble Wyvern in Lyrander Tower. The group observes him having a very expensive meal. Taylen casts an illusion of Phon (complete with bruises) to gauge a reaction. Flamebearer Fabitor is initially troubled and follows the image.

He encounters Rexton (pretending not to see the illusion) who questions him about Phon and indicates that there are witnesses placing the two of them together. Flamebearer Fabitor finally agrees to come down and look at the body.

That evening, Taylen goes back to the Cathedral to ask around. He speaks to a temple guard named Aliatis who says that Fabitor does occasionally speak to members of the congegration who seem to be less well off. He does indicate that Phon sounds familiar and he’d seen her with Flamebearer Fabitor. He also indicates that Flamebearer Fabitor does seems to have a great deal of wealth, but he doesn’t know where it comes from and speculates that it could be due to family money.

The next day Flamebearer Fabitor comes down to Coldflame Keep to examine the body. He is troubled but claims to have no knowledge of the murder. Rexton thinks that he may be telling the truth. Flamebearer Fabitor also tells Rexton that Archierophant Morr wants to speak with him about something, but he doesn’t know about what.

The trio goes to Cathedral to speak with Archierophant Morr. She tells them that acolytes have seen the two of them together and she presents evidence that he may be skimming money from the church coffers. She offers to let them search his quarters and his office. They also ask her about the mark on Phon’s back. She suspects it may be some type of Dragonmark , but not like any she knows about and recommends they investigate at the library of Morgrave University.

In Flamebearer Fabitor’s quarters, they discover a bag of money and a small notebook containing, among other things, addresses. After searching his office, they find a note mailed to one of the addresses.

They proceed to the address, a nice apartment in the Mithral Tower district. There they find a bottle of perfume which Kal remembers is a scent he’d smelled when around Phon’s body.


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