Sharn: The Cauldron

Episode 2


After leaving Indenture Hall, Kal moves around the area trying to get any clues regarding the statues in Malleon’s Gate. He remembers hearing a raspy sound just as he crossed through the gate to exit that section of town. He heads back to and starts looking around there.

Rexton follows. As he and Kal walk through town, “So…Just what are we looking for?”

Kal doesn’t answer.

As Kal and Rexton proceed to the edge of Oldkeep and Malleon’s Gate, there are the sounds of someone running down an upper walkway. As you glance up you see an odd shadow of a person about 15 feet up hanging from a rope by there feet.

“Umm Kal…There’s a guy hanging up there..” says Rexton as he looks at the body.

The “body” is actually breathing – so “he” seems to be alive. A flash of light from a torch (it is dark and rainy) reveals it is Sequiter (Kal, of course, recognizes him – Rexton does not because he’s never met him). Sequiter’s eyes flutter open.

Kal looks around for a way to get Sequiter down, before he becomes “NonSequiter”.

“Well nice to see you hanging around sir,” quips Rexton as he gives the dangling man a once over after Kal gets him down.

Sequiter takes a look around him, and gathers is thoughts. Then checks out how he is bound.

“Sequiter,” asks Kal, “how did this come to be? Who would have done this to you?”

Sequiter looks and it appears to be a very simple loop around his feet that has been tied very quickly and clumsily. It would be easy to get himself down if he wishes. (And no, Sequiter has no memory of how he got here). It doesn’t appear to be any type of “trap”, but rather someone lifted him up there quickly and slipped an existing noose around his feet to hold him upsidedown.

“See anything interesting while you were hanging there?” asks Rexton.

Sequiter unties the knots and rights himself (hanging right side up) “I’ll take a look”

Sequiter notes that the rope is lower quality and likely near the end of it’s operational life; even having had frayed areas tied back together. It is tied to an upper walkway.

“How did you get up there sir?” looks inquisitively at Sequiter.

Kal looks around to see how Sequiter would have been tied up. Looking for any place the rope would be attached to looking for any sign of a scuffle or drag marks.

Sequiter gaves the corners of his cape to slow his descent to the ground, then looks around.

Kal and Sequiter both notice that there are scratches on the wall (like some critter with sharp claws climbed up). There are no clear signs of a struggle. They conclude that Sequiter was likely unconscious when he was put there.

Kal notices a clumsy shallow mark on Sequiter’s neck (someone was getting ready to cut his throat but got distracted).

Rexton wryly grins, saying “Looks like he almost lost his head over whatever he was into.”

As Sequiter is about to make a pithy comeback, he thinks, “What is that scurrying scuttering noise?”

“What is that noise?” Rexton asks, looking around trying to find the source of the skittering…“I hope I dont loose my head too.”

Rat creatures attack, but are quickly dispatched by our heroes. They leave one alive and question him about the attack. He responds that “Lady Death is coming”.

Kal continues back to Malleon’s Gate where he asks about the statues more. After doing some more looking around, Rexton leaves to go back to Coldflame Keep. Kal and Sequiter encounter Gasslak – a Medusa who is blindfolded and apparently uses the snakes on his(?) head to see.

He shows them the body of a young girl who’d been left there and asks them to track down the culprits lest unwanted attention and demihuman purges be focused on Malleon’s Gate. They look at the body and notice that she had been beaten and strangled. She is dressed in nice clothes, like that of a clerk in a nice district and has an pendant of the “Church of the Silver Flame”.

They take the body back to Coldflame Keep and examine it. There they notice an odd “birthmark” on her back. They continue examining the body but cannot determine anything else. Mazin says he will summon someone to examine her more closely.

That evening, they return to Indenture Hall. Gast shows them his “special merchandise” which turns out to be the group of missing children. They attempt to bargain and are able to become the main bidders, but are about to fight them when a Mind Flayer enters. He takes one of the children and leaves the rest to them and leaves. The trio grabs Gast and threatens to kill him unless his guards drop their weapons. One guard looks around and indicates that he really doesn’t care – he was not interested in dealing with slaves and thinks that Gast should be taken away.

They take Gast to the local City Guard station where they are given a reward and Gast is taken into custody. Rexton says that there are others who are also responsible for the slave trade. The guards come back with two more employees of Indenture Hall and indicate that the head of the Hall has turned over everyone who is responsible.

The trio takes the children back to the Lantern Way Orphanage. And go to sleep for the night.


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